Youth Empowerment
Youth, what do you think it means? If I was asked so, I would say youth is a synonym for creativity, ideas, and enthusiasm. I don’t see youth lying between the barriers of the age limits. As I said earlier a person who has creativity, ideas and enthusiasm are designated to the category of youths. For me, youth is irrespective of age. I even consider a 60-year aged person to be youth if he still has the three eligible contents in him. So basically youth empowerment is concerned with the opportunities that are provided to the young talents to build a better future. There are various steps being taken to increase the opportunities for the youth. There must be jobs and career-oriented courses in the universities. The prime trouble before the youth is that they don’t get the stage to showcase their talent and this is why their talent remains hidden for the entire world. There must be more and more fairs and exhibitions where these talents could get a chance to show the real avatar of them.