World Hunger
“Think before you throw, wish before you waste.” The slogan is worth being remembered each time you have an extra food to eat. According to the UN statics of food, every ninth person among us doesn’t have enough amount of food to eat. Calculating the total population of the people who are starving in the world will be like 795 million, which happens to be the 12.9% of the total world population. This is a very huge figure. This problem has only one solution and that is to save the food for them. We are able to buy an enormous amount of food for us. Which is why there is no food left in the warehouses to be given to those who desperately need it? The local government of the nation along with the World organizations works to get this issue solved by its roots. Being a human being, it becomes our responsibility to be loyal to our fellow being. Thus we must pledge to only have sufficient amount of food because every time you throw your food a person has to sleep starving.