Women's Empowerment
The woman, a species that no one could have fathomed yet. If I am asked to speak about this creation of the Almighty, I would say, a woman is nothing more than being a creator of this might world. After all what is she? What does she do for us? She is a mother, who bears 30db of pain at the time of giving birth to a child, or she is a sister, who sacrifices her dreams to lighten up dark life of yours, or she happens to be your wife, who provides you all the happiness of the life unconditionally. So what if they do so many things for us. It is their duty to do this. I too think the same it is their duty and this is why, they never ask for any acknowledgement for their services. But, there is a doubt. Do we men remember our duty? I have seen only rare of it. The first thing that we need to erase from our mind is that we are the dominant one in the society. Trust me we are not. It is the women, which have given this honor to us. So being that we must respect the feelings of a woman. We are not authorized to give rise to them, because they are not the needy creatures, we are. So, what we can do is, we can move aside of their roads to their dreams and allow them to fly high with being the hard rock in their delicious dreams.