Ccopac is a charitable organization, where the people are devoted to making the lives of the needy children and elders. Since this is a charitable organization, it seeks help from the people in the form of donations. The organization is dutiful in catering all the desires of the needy senior citizens and the children. The organization is concerned with providing basic requirements but is also affording the dreams of these people in order to manage the palindromic sequence of joy. Basically, Ccopac trust is an organization, which works to craft the dreams of senior citizens and children.

Shelter for Poor

Our guardians are the one because of whom we have been able to endure our lives on this planet. It is the coordination and support of our fellow beings in the society that we have been able to lead a frictionless life. Retaining these thoughts in mind, we kept the bricks in the making of ccopac. We believe in the fact that, we are at such a bloom stage of life because of the people in the society, then wouldn’t it be fair to devote this life to furnish the comfort of these people. With this thought alive our heart, we, at the ccopac have been furnishing lives and will continue to do this till the end of time.

Help Poor Childreen

The ccopac runs on the propaganda of modifying the livelihood of the concerned people. The organization sees the world to be the perfect residence for the entire living community. After ten years from now, the organization sees itself building the lives of many more people across the globe. No borders, no color and neither any religion is the stone on the path of their development. Eventually, it is an organization which furnishes life.

Funding for Poor

Ccopac is relatively a pioneer organization. But have earned lots of blessing and love, serving numerous senior citizens and children. The statistics of this organization is constantly upraising and is also being able to be a prime focus for donations and collecting other help from those who support the grief of these elders and children. With every passing instance, ccopac is adding lots of people to its list of happy members.

Reduce World Poverty

hen the global community enacted the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, world leaders also called for a data revolution. As it pertains to Goal 1, no poverty, this revolution depends on two basic questions: How many people are currently living in extreme poverty (defined as below $1.90 per person per day)? Is the world on track to end extreme poverty by 2030? We launched the World Poverty Clock in May 2017 to answer these two questions. The aim was to create a tool to track Goal 1 in real time, using statistical modeling to go from measured, historical data points to estimates for today and forecasts into the future..