Violence Against Women
No matter what my image is going to be after this, but I have to tell you that I don’t consider any man to be convicted for violence against women. I do have strong words with me to explain my point. Firstly there is no such thing that a woman can’t do. As we all are familiar with, a woman has bears 30db of pain while giving birth to a child, and while the maximum amount of pain a human can bear is 20db. Now I don’t get it that how is this possible that a weak species hurts a stronger one. There must be a scam definitely. And yes there is. The scam lies in the brain of the women. I ask you, why do you think you are weak? Why do you think you are not able to do anything? None of these deformities matches you. You are the strongest creatures. The only thing you have to do is raise your voice and if that doesn’t work your hands are no less than iron rods.