Unemployment is like rust on iron, prolonged presence can lead to decay of the iron

Unemployment can actually be compared to the rust of iron. Both share matching characteristics. Neither rust is beneficial for iron nor is employment for us. Hereby, this is proved that prolonged practice of unemployment can decay your talent. Because there is another fact that iron loses its luster when it is not in use, similarly a prolonged absence can lead you to the decay of your talent and flexibility with the bonus loss of the salary you might be receiving at work.

Anyway, all this knowledge is just a waste of time, the fact is that nobody is unemployed by passion. It is the circumstance and the lack of job opportunities that make you unemployed. It is very difficult to blame somebody for the mud-pool you are in. Since there are lots of reasons for unemployment, it won’t be justified to blame you for this cause and neither it would be fair to blame the employers to blame for unemployment because they can’t hire people more than they need to run their company.

Now the question arises that who is the person responsible for the scene. I don’t have any answer for this, but I do have a suggestion. The government must do something for the growing unemployment in the nation. Foreign investors, increasing government projects and many more like things can boost the employment in the nation.

However, the government is trying and putting the maximum of its efforts to the development of the nation and its people. We being the citizens of the nation should also contribute to the making of a nation that can be an icon to the world.

The waves of unemployment will pass by, the layers of employment will glow the faces, the grins on the faces will amplify the beauty of the nation. The day will come very soon when no person will be unemployed, no person will be poor, no person will be sad. What there will be is joy, just joy enrolled in every particle of the air.

So just be focused and keep trying, because victory has no substitute, it might be delayed but its absence is not recorded.