Poverty & Social Justice
Poverty is the curse, which comes with birth. The biggest enemy of the human kingdom, poverty is the sole culprit for all the problems of we human being. Basically, what this creature wants to brief you is that where there is money there is everything. We are talking about poverty, the word itself sounds so underprivileged. There are a lot of measures being taken to abolish poverty from the planet. Many world foundations and many more private organization are working together to throw this out of the planet. Talking about Social justice, this can be a warm topic for debate on a news channel but for me, it is a something that is rarely seen on this planet. There are some social justice acts going on but these are more likely to be political agendas rather being a support to the underprivileged people. Most importantly, thanks to those over-privileged people, who are rich in every part of life, still rush to grab the bread from the poor indigent peoples. And this is where all the systems fail. These people play a vital role in increasing the number of poverty suffered people.