Maternal Health
Mother, the most beautiful creation of the god is no less mighty than the god himself. We assume the world to be created by the god, but till date, the persons have not been able to decode the hidden message in the quote. Yes, it is the god, who created everything but that god is mother. Allow me to explain it to you. We are born from our mother, and thus it is proved that all the humans are a creation of mother. Similarly, the plants are born by their mothers and the animals by their mothers. So who do you think is the real god? Yes, you got that right ‘Mother’ is the real god. So, for the building of this world, it is important to have a good health of the mothers. There are various measures taken during and after the pregnancy, which proves to be helpful for the maternal health. It is the responsibility of the spouse of the mother to take care of her and provide her with all the facilities she deserves to have.