Isn’t pollution a serious issue of concern? Why does the United States come second to China in producing greenhouse gases?

Pollution, an issue that always befalls as a very serious and long conversation starter, but soon some other profits like establishing factories and industries, which seems to be money vending, steals the chat and pollution gets forbidden somewhere in the caves in the mind. Again after few days, when they see smog in the city the conversation gets retrieved and becomes a hot topic for discussion, but in no time another element infiltrates the living and pollution issue is again sent back to the cold bag. This is not the end yet. The conversation again becomes heated, when a colleague takes a sick leave. The topic steals the moment again but the same happens again.

Pollution has always been ceased to our conversations. We’ve never tried to implement those words in our living. We don’t wish to implement the pollution control measures. We never think of nature which is depluming day by day. We never think of the little baby, which is going to be the future, what are we leaving for the forthcoming generation, an environment where it is difficult to breathe. Is this what we are growing the upcoming generation? To put them in the pile of pollution. No, we have to pledge to stop this to happen on the ground level, which begins with us.

We usually blame the factories, it is true that the factories can implement better methods to reduce pollution, but they would definitely not because it would be hard on their pockets. For a while, if we ignore the factories and focus on the pollution that we make, then the results will lead me to tell you that 75% of the carbon-mono-oxide and 25% of the greenhouse gases are emitted by the vehicles. Now if I ask you to use public transport and shift your petrol or diesel fuel cars to CNG, will you agree to it? You can choose either of them.

The above-given method can reduce much amount of pollution in the atmosphere. And talking about the industries, then let me tell you that a roar of the public can even shake the chair of the President of the United States of America then these are just factories. So take prominent steps against pollution and raise your voice against the unfair pollution practices of the industries.