How far do we have to go to ensure the equality among the all the races of United States?

Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and many like more across the globe have struggled a lot and have devoted all their lives in the search of equality. It feels me proud to tell this on such a platform that we have eight Honorable presidents of the United States of America, inclusive of Barak Obama, who were blacks, but. Why does this ‘but’ always come to infringe the beautiful moments of the life. I have got the right answer for this ‘but’.

This is nothing just the obstructions of the mind that we acquire while we think of something which we apparently pretend to. Racism is one such issue that can never be abolished with a ‘but’ in your mind. There shouldn’t be any space for any question mark, while it comes to accepting something that is in favor of the law, nature, everything. It is fact that the government has taken major actions against racism but, racism is something that needs to be drained from the minds of the individuals.

Imagine a moment while you being a black person are standing in the line to buy something. After a long wait for your reach to the window and ask for what you want. Suddenly a white man jostles you and the counterman rather scolding him for this, appreciates him giving his order and pushing you back in the row. This would be a bad sight, isn’t it? You cannot even file a complaint against this, because breaking a line is not a crime, but the wound you got in your heart will remain forever in your life. Thus, it is very important for the people to change their thoughts. They need to reboot themselves and get started in a new way with a set of thought that doesn’t hurt somebody’s feelings.

There are people who are bound to their unethical thoughts of racism. These are the people who are crumbled between the war of the heart and the mind. They don’t understand the more meaningful species between the two. We have a simple solution for them. Just follow our words and go with your heart, because the heart never lies, the mind does. Even though the mind opposes you to do so, keep spreading the layer of equality and joy around. The best way to end racism is to be black. Yes, be black. I am not asking you to paint yourself, just enter their lives and feel it, there is nothing different than you.

#anti-racist Say no to racism…