HIV, a retrovirus that causes the most deadly disease of the planet, AIDS. There is always a negative concept in the minds of the people about AIDS. A person suffering from AIDS can’t always be a person of slipped character. Because AIDS only gets transmitted through blood it is thought that the patient must have established a sexual relationship with sex workers. But this is not cent percent true. This might happen that the person has done so, but for your information, AIDS also transmits by using a razor, which was earlier used by an AIDS patient or using a syringe, Which was earlier used. AIDS happens to be a very deadly disease. The first thing that the HIV virus does after entering the human body is that it attacks the T-helper cells, which assist the B-lymphocytes to produce antibodies. Now when no antibody is produced against The HIV virus it starts conquering all the cells of the body through RNA transcription. Which later leads to loss of immunity resulting in a slow painful death. It is very important for you to know that AIDS is not transmitted by touch and kiss either.