Girls’ Education
Educating a girl is like educating a family. According to the set trend of the current world, girls are generally assigned for the household works. No matter what heights they achieve in their career. The nature has played such a game with the women that they had to indulge themselves in the household works. I always get exclaimed thinking the conditions of a woman. I can’t imagine how mighty and graceful she is? She loves her child more than she does to anything else in the entire universe, which on a side, happens to be the biggest hurdle on the path of her dreams. Hereby it becomes very important for a mother to be educated to educate her child, further teaching a lesson to the society. This is just a basic reason for the education of a girl. I truly don’t appreciate this thinking, because get education is the constitutional right of all the people of the planet. Thus there should be a requirement of reason to reach education to the girls.