Endowing the love of both father and mother, by a single parent is not an easy job to do. Single parents must be appreciated rather discouraged.

The time you take the decision of parenting your child singly, you become a traitor to the so-called ethics of the society. The society never respects the sentiments of the individuals. Living in a democratic country, above it, being a human being, we own to live life in a way we want to. The same is asserted by the community people either. They say we have got rights either. Somebody, please console them for the retarded mental condition of theirs.

In the perplexed world of arguments, you just have chosen to be a single parent of your child. If you are a woman, I am not stunned by hearing that you are a woman of a questionable character. But, I would definitely be when somebody stands by you and tells the people that you choose the life of the baby rather the moron, you dated. There are very few people who think in the way you have. I am not trying to be the judge in the issue but, you are doing an awesome job. The other day, when your child grins at you, you will feasibly forget all the sorrow of life. No taunts will echo in your ears, there will only be the waves of happiness and joy.

For the people who disrespect the single parents, please be notified that you are also practicing single parenting. You are either busy taunting people walking on the road or you are busy with your work. It is the mother of the child that is growing the child, thus you are also a kind of single parent. So please stop telling curse about single parents. It is a job that only a few can do. Not everyone is potent to have a baby and handle its parenting singly.