Climate Change
The fact that the climate of the earth is changing is not hidden to the citizens of the planet. The global temperature is rising. The glaciers are about to melt. Landslides have been common. Blasting clouds have been photographic spots. All these changes are happening only because of the lifestyle we follow. The gasses used in our refrigerators and air conditioners are the most harmful gases that are responsible for depluming the ozone layer. The greenhouse gases are increasing the global temperature of the planet. The plastics, which are non-biodegradable cause many diseases and also contributes to the ozone depletion. Acid rains are the result of the excess of city pollution. The acid rains cause a major harm to the crops. We will have to change the way of our living otherwise the day is closer when there will be nothing left on this beautiful planet. The planet has given a lot to us. It time for us to pay back. Contribute to the well being of the planet. Plant trees and reduce the usage of polluting elements. So, let’s pledge to have our mother earth clean.