Clean Water
Food and water are the two most basic requirements for the living beings to survive. Then comes the position of clothes and then shelter. Even among food and water, water is given the utmost position in the priority list. This was to showcase the importance of the water in the survival of the living organisms. You will feel very awful to hear that there are many people across the globe who dreams to have clean water to drink. In this situation, it is very important to aware the people about the less availability of the clean water to drink. According to a survey, globally 780 million people do not have the access to clean water. While the numbers of people which lack clean sanitation are around 2.5 billion, which happens to be more than 35% of the gross world population. The above statistics showcase the seriousness of the issue. Hence being a fellow being of the planet, it becomes our responsibility to contribute to the most basic need of the human being.