Dog Welfare
Numerous stray dogs roam the street that everyone sees with a pitiful vision, see them as a nuisance or pass away ignorantly. But these living beings can’t help themselves and live incredibly brutal and painful life and it is largely like this because of things that we humans have done. Quite often, the government official’s deal with this overpopulation through the means as heinous as poisoning, electrocution, and shooting which makes them injured or even half dead. The ones left alive after suffering this entire are left unattended in yards which are then stolen, poisoned and beaten and along with all this, they suffer from stress and loneliness, heatstroke in the summer, and frostbite, hypothermia, and dehydration in the winter. Help support us with our efforts to improve this situation by donating to our Dog Welfare Program. It is almost inevitable when a puppy walks by us & most of us start cooing to it like a child in a stroller. The way they thump their tails, invade our laps & smartly steal our pillows, it certainly seems like they love us. Most people definitely love this without any concern to the connection and might also never have actually thought whether dogs like baby talk, to begin with, or if it's totally for your own satisfaction. As it turns out, though, your baby talk with a dog may serve a real purpose for both you and them. In exactly the same manner it is our responsibility to cater care & love equally.