Isn’t pollution a serious issue of concern? Why does the United States come second to China in producing greenhouse gases?

Pollution, an issue that always befalls as a very serious and long conversation starter, but soon some other profits like establishing factories and industries, which seems to be money vending, steals the chat and pollution gets forbidden somewhere in the caves in the mind. Again after few days, when they see smog in the city the conversation gets retrieved and becomes a hot topic for discussion, but in no time another element infiltrates the living and pollution issue is again sent back to the cold bag. This is not the end yet. The conversation again becomes heated, when a colleague takes a sick leave. The topic steals the moment again but the same happens again.

Pollution has always been ceased to our conversations. We’ve never tried to implement those words in our living. We don’t wish to implement the pollution control measures. We never think of nature which is depluming day by day. We never think of the little baby, which is going to be the future, what are we leaving for the forthcoming generation, an environment where it is difficult to breathe. Is this what we are growing the upcoming generation? To put them in the pile of pollution. No, we have to pledge to stop this to happen on the ground level, which begins with us.

We usually blame the factories, it is true that the factories can implement better methods to reduce pollution, but they would definitely not because it would be hard on their pockets. For a while, if we ignore the factories and focus on the pollution that we make, then the results will lead me to tell you that 75% of the carbon-mono-oxide and 25% of the greenhouse gases are emitted by the vehicles. Now if I ask you to use public transport and shift your petrol or diesel fuel cars to CNG, will you agree to it? You can choose either of them.

The above-given method can reduce much amount of pollution in the atmosphere. And talking about the industries, then let me tell you that a roar of the public can even shake the chair of the President of the United States of America then these are just factories. So take prominent steps against pollution and raise your voice against the unfair pollution practices of the industries.

How far do we have to go to ensure the equality among the all the races of United States?

Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and many like more across the globe have struggled a lot and have devoted all their lives in the search of equality. It feels me proud to tell this on such a platform that we have eight Honorable presidents of the United States of America, inclusive of Barak Obama, who were blacks, but. Why does this ‘but’ always come to infringe the beautiful moments of the life. I have got the right answer for this ‘but’.

This is nothing just the obstructions of the mind that we acquire while we think of something which we apparently pretend to. Racism is one such issue that can never be abolished with a ‘but’ in your mind. There shouldn’t be any space for any question mark, while it comes to accepting something that is in favor of the law, nature, everything. It is fact that the government has taken major actions against racism but, racism is something that needs to be drained from the minds of the individuals.

Imagine a moment while you being a black person are standing in the line to buy something. After a long wait for your reach to the window and ask for what you want. Suddenly a white man jostles you and the counterman rather scolding him for this, appreciates him giving his order and pushing you back in the row. This would be a bad sight, isn’t it? You cannot even file a complaint against this, because breaking a line is not a crime, but the wound you got in your heart will remain forever in your life. Thus, it is very important for the people to change their thoughts. They need to reboot themselves and get started in a new way with a set of thought that doesn’t hurt somebody’s feelings.

There are people who are bound to their unethical thoughts of racism. These are the people who are crumbled between the war of the heart and the mind. They don’t understand the more meaningful species between the two. We have a simple solution for them. Just follow our words and go with your heart, because the heart never lies, the mind does. Even though the mind opposes you to do so, keep spreading the layer of equality and joy around. The best way to end racism is to be black. Yes, be black. I am not asking you to paint yourself, just enter their lives and feel it, there is nothing different than you.

#anti-racist Say no to racism…

Unemployment is like rust on iron, prolonged presence can lead to decay of the iron

Unemployment can actually be compared to the rust of iron. Both share matching characteristics. Neither rust is beneficial for iron nor is employment for us. Hereby, this is proved that prolonged practice of unemployment can decay your talent. Because there is another fact that iron loses its luster when it is not in use, similarly a prolonged absence can lead you to the decay of your talent and flexibility with the bonus loss of the salary you might be receiving at work.

Anyway, all this knowledge is just a waste of time, the fact is that nobody is unemployed by passion. It is the circumstance and the lack of job opportunities that make you unemployed. It is very difficult to blame somebody for the mud-pool you are in. Since there are lots of reasons for unemployment, it won’t be justified to blame you for this cause and neither it would be fair to blame the employers to blame for unemployment because they can’t hire people more than they need to run their company.

Now the question arises that who is the person responsible for the scene. I don’t have any answer for this, but I do have a suggestion. The government must do something for the growing unemployment in the nation. Foreign investors, increasing government projects and many more like things can boost the employment in the nation.

However, the government is trying and putting the maximum of its efforts to the development of the nation and its people. We being the citizens of the nation should also contribute to the making of a nation that can be an icon to the world.

The waves of unemployment will pass by, the layers of employment will glow the faces, the grins on the faces will amplify the beauty of the nation. The day will come very soon when no person will be unemployed, no person will be poor, no person will be sad. What there will be is joy, just joy enrolled in every particle of the air.

So just be focused and keep trying, because victory has no substitute, it might be delayed but its absence is not recorded.

Endowing the love of both father and mother, by a single parent is not an easy job to do. Single parents must be appreciated rather discouraged.

The time you take the decision of parenting your child singly, you become a traitor to the so-called ethics of the society. The society never respects the sentiments of the individuals. Living in a democratic country, above it, being a human being, we own to live life in a way we want to. The same is asserted by the community people either. They say we have got rights either. Somebody, please console them for the retarded mental condition of theirs.

In the perplexed world of arguments, you just have chosen to be a single parent of your child. If you are a woman, I am not stunned by hearing that you are a woman of a questionable character. But, I would definitely be when somebody stands by you and tells the people that you choose the life of the baby rather the moron, you dated. There are very few people who think in the way you have. I am not trying to be the judge in the issue but, you are doing an awesome job. The other day, when your child grins at you, you will feasibly forget all the sorrow of life. No taunts will echo in your ears, there will only be the waves of happiness and joy.

For the people who disrespect the single parents, please be notified that you are also practicing single parenting. You are either busy taunting people walking on the road or you are busy with your work. It is the mother of the child that is growing the child, thus you are also a kind of single parent. So please stop telling curse about single parents. It is a job that only a few can do. Not everyone is potent to have a baby and handle its parenting singly.

Aren’t dogs a being on the earth? Share your love with them as you share the planet

The relation of the humans with the dogs have been coming for a long time. This would be a relation which consists of the maximum of sweet and sour moments. There are people who share their bed with the dogs while on the other side there are people who throw stones at them, there is a third category either. The people who fear dog and thus neither play with them nor do throw stones. They just errand themselves to a statue while they encounter a dog.

According to a famous English story, earlier cats ruled over humans and it was the community of dogs that got us independence. Although this is a fictitious story it is a fact that dogs have always been the best friends of humans. Thus it also becomes our duty to help them find better shelter and have good food.

‘Dog’s death’. He died a dog’s death on the road. Such kind of words is used to denote the worst situations. We are here to delete this thought from the minds. We will help all the dogs so that there could be no dogs left on the road to die under the wheels.

For those who hate dogs, please keep in mind they are very sweet to those who love them. Dogs can be a good companion of yours. So please stop hating them and love them and feel their love either. To those who fear dogs, you don’t know what fun are you missing. Dogs are very friendly animals and can help you be happy anytime you want.

So, from this moment itself, we must pledge to be a dog lover and make the lives of the dogs better.

Media biasing happens to be a daily life practice for the people of the United States

Living in the oldest democracy of the world what do you expect democracy to be like. Don’t you think after so many years of independence, the nation is putting its steps to the tunnel of slavery. Apart from being the slaves of technology what else can be beneficial for us, being a slave to the government or being the slave to the administration. No, the democracy restricts you to reserve these rights, rather it gives you right to infiltrate the lives of the employs of the public and take away their jobs, doesn’t matter if even happens to be the President of the United States of America.
Just imagine the condition of your house when the pillars are weak or broken. Obviously, there will be no house without pillars. Similarly, it is hard to imagine democracy without its pillars. The four pillars of democracy, Judiciary, executive, legislature, and media. The media is what we are talking about, but putting some light on the other pillars won’t be a poison either. Being judgmental is something that I have entertained and neither democracy allows me to. You being the public, the owners of democracy have reserved the rights to decide. Thus I would ask a single question to you. Are the other three pillars of democracy are functionally efficiently?
Talking about the media, they are the eyes of the people in democracy and when you see what evil wants. Media bias has been common these days and this needs to be stopped for the right functioning of the democracy. Because I don’t think you would be able to walk when I tie a black cloth on your eyes.

You don’t consume drugs rather the drugs consume you, you consume death

Since the beginning of the time, we have been trying to put the evil under our feet, but the outcomes have always been an antagonist to what we have thought of. With every passing while, a new kind of evil takes birth. Such a kind of acute evil is drugs. This is something that is consuming the youth of the nation. The uptake of the opioids is the most common among the youths. These opioids also prove themselves to be the best death causes.

Everyone in the government and in the audience is aware of the pros and cons of the drugs crisis. It is not that it is ignored and left as if it was never seen. The fact is that the government is very serious about the drugs and wants to through this out form the roots. But, the drug is a concern, where you can’t force somebody. A person has to be self-motivated to get out of the addiction to drugs.

According to the report of an esteemed news agency in New York, 59,000 people lost their lives due to the drug overdose in the year 2016, while this figure became deadlier in the year 2017. Many of these deaths have been a result of prescribed drug overdose, which is found at a pocket-friendly price, while a high number is always reserved for heroin and many other killer drugs, which has set a high price toll.

There are a lot of measures being taken to stop people being enrolled to the addiction of drugs. And for those who are already a member of the drug addiction, they have to work a lot to make them better and get rid of this mess. The pain of the withdrawal symptoms will always try to break your path but you have to be determined and self-motivated to get your best out of you.


An election is a prime dart, the right vote on the dartboard can turn the results to your favor

Elections, the most powerful weapon in the hands of the citizens of a democratic nation, always comes with a relaxing breeze for the people. An election is like a season of festival. The leaders who had refused to see your face comes to your house and bows his head down and asks for a vote. You are treated like an emperor and the leader is a beggar, begging for your vote. This is when you feel like I am in a democratic nation. Otherwise, on the normal days, you can’t even imagine having such hospitality from the politicians. On normal days what happens is that you get abused for your sharing your thoughts, you just face disappointments while you try to reach your problem to the ministers, countless things happen, but during elections, the game is flipped.

On a serious note election is the only gift we have as a democratic citizen and democracy is the only gift we have as a citizen of the nation. Thus keeping in mind the importance of the elections, we should go and cast out votes in the elections, rather take the day of election as a public holiday and enjoy at a mall.

It feels me very bad for the people who don’t cast votes and acclaim for the government to be responsible for their adverse conditions. They are themselves responsible for the ill effect. They must have thought it then while selecting the government, who knows that one vote might have changed the scenario of his life and today he might not be cursing the government rather enjoying his life to the fullest. Thus voting is a very important concern for the entire citizens of the democracy.

Why can’t women serve in the US military in combat roles? Ccopac’s initiative for equal rights for equal rights for women.

What if I say, even though being a man I want to do something that only a girl does. While in the other moment I find nothing that is only done by ladies except producing babies. You don’t have to be shocked, really there is nothing even at the dance bar and the strip clubs have male doing the job of the ladies. Then why is it that the men have secured many jobs exclusively for them. Why can’t women be warriors? History has witnessed the power of women.

On a serious note, I believe women are competent to fight any war of life, whether it is giving birth to a child after bearing 30db of pain or showering bullets on the enemies, carrying a 15 kg machine gun. Excluding women from the battlefield, on the grounds of their muscular strength would be foolishness, because we are always informed about the superpowers of the women. A woman is a lot more than she appears to be.

So, Ccopac upvotes the entry of women in the battlefield, because we believe the girls have dreams either.

What is your stance on abortion? Ccopac initiative about Planned Parenthood.

Are you a planned child of your parent? Or your parents couldn’t find a way rather having you in their life. No matter, which category do you or me, fall in. The eyes of the parents get filled with tears and the lips contain a smile, on the day they hold you for the first time after your entry into this world. But this is not what we are here to discuss. In the first case when a child is planned for birth, it is a matter of celebration and joy. But, what if the later condition, which is no more often, arises. Think about it. What would be a valid solution?

‘Abortion’ would be your generous reply even when you have just voted no to abortion. Don’t worry, it is a kind of a common thing to do. I have a doubt in my mind, is it ok to kill a baby, which has not even seen the world. No right. I am sure you must also be feeling awful for the baby. But you tell me is it good to disturb the living of a person, who is not expecting a new member to the family. No, I guess. You must be thinking, why am I flipping so quickly, in every statement? So, let me remind you I am just a medium, to reach things to you. You, being the people, the true power holders of democracy, are liable to decide whether this is good for you or not.

Apart from the family cliché, there also exists a world of crime. Keeping in mind the rising crime rates, you must reconsider your decision about the ban on abortion. Yes, the government of The United States is planning a ban on the abortion practices, because this is being used for various illegal purposes. But, let me remind them, that we have not gone out of the planet. Instead of solving the issue and arresting the culprits you are putting a ban on the practice, which is completely not fair. Just imagine what a girl, who got raped and later got pregnant, what will she do? Will she give birth to the child of someone that robbed her chastity? Not fair.

Ccopac has presented both the views before you. Now it is up to you that you, whether you upvote the ban on abortion or stop this ban to pass from the Congress.

Low minimum wage is the premier reason for poverty in the nation, ccopac appeal against the malpractice

Poverty is like an animal that digests a complete family, without even a burp. This hefty animal keeps on widening its region of action. To be more precise this is like outraging an elephant to freak out and then blame it for the elephant for the destruction. Here the person outraging the modesty of the elephant is poverty and the elephant is the person slapped by poverty. I clearly think that the person responsible for the destruction is the one who was outraging the elephant.

Ask the people who are slammed by poverty, they know the correct value of money. It is not that they don’t work hard, they do yet they are below the poverty line. Squinting to the profundity of the matter reveals the dirty secret behind this scene. The reason is the wages paid to these people. These people get lower than the minimum wages, and because of the slap of unemployment, these people are intrigued to work at such low wages. For them, it is a situation like ‘Something is better than nothing’.

Two people are responsible for this kind of scam. In many of the cases, what happens is that the contractors take the right wage from the company but at the time of distribution, they shift to low wage. They cut a share of the wages of the labors after which, the labors automatically fall below the poverty line. While other times the company owners, they pay a lesser amount than the minimum wage. In all the situation the poor class of the society is crumbled, which I totally unfair.

Ccopac reveals the fundamentals of being happy at every sweet and sour taste of life

Happiness is never served with your breakfast dinner and lunch. Well, this doesn’t imply that you have to break mountains in search of happiness. It is already present around you. In the air you breathe, in the food you eat, in the sights you see. There is happiness hidden everywhere. You just have to search for it. You just have to call it with the purest of your heart and fullest of your faith. It is actually very tough for you to find happiness when you lack the above-given elements in you.

Some great people once said, “Your life is built with the brick of happiness, you just have to find the right wall. Sometimes, they get themselves hidden in the past while after a dark present night arises like a sun in the future. Sometimes, the past and present both get covered by the fat skin of the dark, but as the sun lightens the moon in the dark, our hope to reach to the phase of joy keeps the happiness alive in the hearts.” I truly agree with that great person, because the person broke the trend of orthodox and rather speaking cliché, and led my way to my happiness in life. I learned to find happiness in every taste of my life. There is nothing that can drag me to the mud-pool of sadness because I have fathomed happiness and I have fathomed happiness to such a profundity that I can even be happy while sadness slaps me.

As life is different for every eye, happiness also has different lenses over it. Happiness is not meant the same for all the people on the planet. But, we should try and be happy at every small and big pinches of happiness.

Why does freedom of speech seem to be ethically banned in the United States?

We, the people of the United States of America, call ourselves to be independent constitutionally. But the question, that knocks my mind is that, are we actually the one we pretend to be? Being a resident on the oldest democracy of the world, we’ve got some rights. The constitutional rights that always stand by me, when no other wants to. But, why do I feel like I am caged, my hands are tied to a huge iron chain and I am made to sleep on the bed of thrones, but what hurts the most is when my mouth is tied and I am not allowed to scream out. I am restricted to express the pain through my scream; I just can’t take it out of me. The pain just keeps on increasing manifolds and I am still restricted to scream, but the heart is screaming and shouting, appealing for death, but the voice is suspended, there is no one to show the pain.

Above described is the situation which we would be having without the freedom of speech. But let me remind you, the current scenario is not so different either. Constitutionally we have the right to speech, but pragmatically, our word needs to be filtered an infinite number of times before its conversion to voice. It is reprocessed for enough number of times in which the actual matter gets kicked off the sentence. We are in a state where we are independent, conditions apply. There is only one thing that defines independence and that is we are not bound by conditions, but here we but condition over independence then what else do you think can you do.

Freedom of speech is what we are discussing. Who fooled you that we don’t have the freedom of speech? We have, and even with no restrictions, but only after being ready to face the after effects of the impact of your words. You are free to speak anything, unlike your religion, caste, sex, the politician you have elected, or any other thing that be like raising a question. There is nothing much to tell about the freedom of speech as this has become a common problem for all the citizens of the United States and most of the other countries of the world. It is the time to speak about it and create awareness about the freedom of speech, oh I am so sorry, I didn’t know, the questioning part of the freedom of speech is banned.

Don’t let the colors be the barrier for your sentiments, go colorless and wage against racism with ccopac.

The world is assumed to be a place where there is an immense availability of colors, then why is it that we just want to be stick to a single color. Just imagine if the almighty was racist then how would be the scenario of the world. In the present color scheme of the world at least someone has options to explore their living and flow in different colors. If we have happily accepted the wide range of colors in the world why can’t we also put a stamp on the almighty’s color scheme of humans? It is not that God didn’t research well on this subject, look around you the white cows, black buffalos, colorful dogs, and goats, what are all these? These were the experiments that were conducted by god before touching the masterpiece. So, we are best in the way we are, and others should also accept it because the god has created all of us rather the blacks choose to be black and the whites choose to be fair.

Racism is something that is being practiced in the society for a longer time. Who could forget Martin Luther King Jr. the person who fought against racism? Why can’t we be the same? But on the other thought, do you think revolution is a solution for this? I don’t think so. Because things like racism arise due to mental illness and for these kinds of people counseling is suggested rather joining a moment. So what we can do is form a team and counsel people to fix their mindset and erase racism from their mind.

Let’s be pragmatic, what happens to a white man when a black comes in front of their eyes? Nothing I guess. So as my brain says, when someone is nice to you then why do you have to add complimentary bitterness in the atmosphere. No man on earth is bad, they haven’t chosen to be what they are. It is the god who wanted to have variations in his creation. So let’s take a genuine pledge and promise ourselves to be against racism ever till the end of the world.

Euthanasia is the Right to Die, Ccopac Asks for the People’s Wishes On the Prime American Concern

America is not a nation which always walks hand in hand with the basic wants of the residents of the United States; well this can’t be enough to cover up the current political situation of the nation, which tells that we are prospering in all the demeanors. But, what the hidden fundamental behind the scenes is that, being the oldest democracy or I could say is the independent for the longest time, the nation has urbanized the minds of its people that they are now able to think of some issue which is of serious concern and were waiting for the exposure for years, while we were busy fulfilling our basic amenities. One such concern is Euthanasia, the right to die.

I would ask your permission to skip the history of this serious issue which is in high demand to be legalized in the United States. However, I would just let you know that it was even practiced in the Stone Age to the era of emperors and was in practice a few centuries back either.

So what Euthanasia is? Euthanasia, better known as mercy killing is a practice of being killed by your wish. This probably was practiced for those, who have no hope for any improvement in their life. This was practiced by the people, who were physically challenged or were in a state, in which they were dependent on someone else for every need of theirs.

Euthanasia is banned in most of the planet, because of the fear that this can be among the malpractices, which are taking humanity to the well of in human activities. Yes, this is true that Euthanasia can be used to hide murders and many other crimes. This can also lead to a worse conclusion like many others have led to, like amniocentesis and many like more but on the other side, I could also see the awful condition of the people who have filed a petition in favor of euthanasia.

In the end, I will just leave these on the biggest powers of the democracy, the public. I think they can better decide what they want to live in. So, please tell us, whether you are in support of Mercy killing or this should be banned forever.

Can the Evil Side Be Masked, Stepping into Politics, Ccopac’s Open Talk About Criminal Politicians?

Good and bad are relative terms, just like motion and rest, but the question arises here is that, what are the grounds that we judge this on? Generously, we don’t have any answer for this, but if I ask, what is good and bad according to you, you will definitely have an answer that answer will be your graduation of being good or bad.

Today, being a criminal seems to be basic criteria for any tour de force, especially politics. This is not hidden from the majority of us that we don’t have the leaders we see in our dreams, and obviously, we don’t dream to elect criminals as our rulers. The nation has no shortage of eligible people yet why is it so that we are still being crumbled in the palms of a criminal politician.

“What can we do?” This is the most miserable line to rag off a situation. I’m sorry you will have to find some new reasons next time because this reason has crossed its expiry date as we know what we can do as the voters of the oldest democracy in the world. It always clicks in my mind that, a person who can form a government cannot elect the right people. I mean how is it justified that a person, who is not able to have influence over his anger, that makes him stand as a criminal, can influence the lives of the people in his jurisdiction. As far as, I am concerned, this seems to be an impossible task for me. And yes, there is nothing I can do in this democratic nation, being a common American. I am not concerned about you but as far as I know myself, I can fight this issue being a voter of this nation.

Honoring the veterans, a social initiative by ccopac

In the while when they should have stayed with their families, they stayed at the borders. In the while, they should play with their kids they fought with the enemies. In the while, they should be sleeping in their homes they were waking up to protect our sleep. I am talking about the people who have been in the armed forces and now are serving their family. The time that they have given to the nation is unparallel to any other job. All the festivals they spent at the border saving the grins on the faces of their countrymen, this favor cannot be returned by the salary they get. Actually, no money can buy them their Adulthood, masked under the Uniform of the American armed force. But honoring them for their sacrifices is worth it.

Ccopac cares for the veterans and believes in the fact that we are safe because of the dedicated efforts of these people. They are always worthy to be counted among the very special persons of the in the United States. Since ccopac values the sacrifices these veterans have made. Ccopac will be working for the reform of these people, which will attract the youth to join the armed forces of the United States. These people in the armed forces again agate into the race of being the veteran…

Being a woman is a blessing rather a curse, a ccopac initiative to ascent women

Women, the most underestimated species of the world have always proved herself to be a synonym for sacrifice. An interesting thing I have noticed with majority of the women that, no matter their stand is in the society, when she is present in front of the man, she is just liked for her curves and her looks. Is this what a woman is ultimately made for? Just look inside you and just ask yourself, how many times you really appreciate the work of a woman in the way she deserves it.

However this isn’t a problem worth being solved with any kind of awareness campaign, rather the only solution to this issue is the feeling of guilt in the individuals, which is today being conducted by the ccopac. This is a ccopac initiative to acknowledge the sacrifices made by our mother, sister and all the mighty women that have dedicated their lives for the prosperity of our life. It is the time to bring a change in the society, a change that will be commencing from the deepest corner of your heart and will end directly to the come lets join our hands together to make this planet a better place to live in.

The ccopac trip to fundraising

As we are a kind of people who can’t see the people in pain. But we had no funds for our next project. Even after talking to many regular donators we couldn’t manage to arrange dollars. We had no other option. One side our team was ready to sacrifice all they had, while on the other side this was not acceptable by ccopac. In the end, we decided to move out and collect funds. This was not acceptable for ccopac either. But his time the team was on its high, there were not in a mood to listen to any of them. They had a concrete decision of helping the indigent people. In the end, the authority had to allow the team to go out on the streets and raise funds for the project.

Ultimately our team was on the streets, carrying a box, with donation written on it. We wandered here an there in search of funds, but we found was just a beg. Although we were not going great on the streets, we didn’t ever think to quit the initiative of raising funds. Every morning we used to move out in teams of two and used to gather in the afternoon. While the sun keeps dancing on the head we have our lunch and plan for the next hours.

After a long week, we opened all the boxes. What we found was a very miserable amount. The situation was intriguing us to lose our hope and sit back relaxed in the office but the team still had stored enthusiasm. We stood up again and went on the streets. Under the banner of ccopac, we kept spreading hands before the people.

Eventually, we found what we were searching for. We went to the house of a rich man, who gave us a huge check cleared our tension.

So, this is how the team of ccopac works for the betterment of the indigent people. We have the value of every penny of yours.

Ccopac is the ambassador of the happiness

The people at the ccopac are build to construct more happening lives of the indigent peoples. Ccopac always opens pursuit happiness for the children and a light of hope for the elders. The organization works like a family. After a certain time, the projects turn to become family outing at a relative’s place. The indigent people, whom we work for become our inspiration to keep working irrespective of the conditions. Out of everything, our prime target always remains to buy a grin on every face we work for.

Above all, the people who give us the opportunity to initiate a project and experience this venture, the donators, you are always thanked by the entire team of ccopac. It is you who allow us to develop the standard of livings. After utilizing each penny of your donation in the welfare of the human beings we come back our office and start raising funds for the next projects.

Every time we take our projects to a new destination, we find a new thing to discover. Just a one visit of the ccopac team at a place changes the scenario of the place. This is why we are called as the ambassador of happiness and joy. We always leave the faces grinning at our departure, while the same used to be like a rotten mango.

Ccopac has a specialty to manage things happily. After all, happiness is all that we search for. It is the sole destination after every race of life. Therefore, we, the people at ccopac request you to maintain your support with us and help us keep helping more and more people happy in this tiny world of sorrow and grief.

Unemployed youth is like the sea water, it has a lot but of no use

The relationship of the youth with unemployment lasted longer than it should be. No offense to the unemployed species of youth, it is a fact that unemployed youth is vestigial to the society. The society has set a rule for the people living in. The society has only space for those who can be utilized by the society. This kind of things might be offensive to the particular concerned unemployed person, but it somehow proves itself to be beneficial for the unemployed people. They people get offended and work hard, just to answer the society, which results in the building the career of that person.

Although, ccopac doesn’t support this approach of the society. Every person whether employed or unemployed must be treated with equal respect. But, as per the ideology of ccopac, we are the change, rather make a change. Because if we ourselves be the change all the other elements will themselves be intrigued to be changed.

At ccopac, we are concerned in building new career opportunities for the youth. We have our workshops that help the youth to develop the hidden talent in them and on the basis of which the youth gets employed.

It is true that an unemployed youth is like a seawater, it has a lot but of no use. But the true fact behind this quote is that unemployed people are the people who just have to be evaporated and then the product they give (salt) can’t be imagined to lack. Moreover, it is also a fact that pearls are always found in the sea water.

So, the youth must tighten their pants and get away on the ride of success, on the vehicle of determination with the fuel of hard work.

Ccopac is a synonym for humanity: The people of America

On the basis of a survey conducted by the top magazine of the United States, ccopac foundation is said to be a synonym for humanity. Its unconditional nature of helping people has grabbed the attention of the nation. There is no village or town left, where this foundation isn’t active. It has been spreading a fragrance of joy in the entire nation. There is nothing that ccopac isn’t capable of doing. They have always managed to meet the requirements of all their associate people.

The people of the united states feel the following things for ccopac foundation-

Ccopac is the developer of life; says Olivia, who is a web developer and lives in Langley. Further, she says, “I have never donated a penny to any foundation because I didn’t trust them. But, when my eyes coincided with the view if ccopac, the prejudice of my mind was erased feasibly. Ccopac really utilizes your money for the right purpose.”

Ccopac is the gate pass of the dreams of poor people; says Ethan, who works at a metro station in New York. Further, he says, “I always had a prejudice set in my mind, that the people at an NGO are frauds. They don’t utilize all the money for the empowerment of the needy peoples rather they just show a part of it and digest the remaining money. But trust me, the while I saw ccopac work, my breath got held. I don’t think someone donates as much they spend.”

So these were few reviews about the ccopac. They are really a team of hardworking people filled with goodwill for the people they serve.

Ccopac sponsors pursuit of happiness: small NGO

We are a small NGO, which works to craft the dreams of the little eyes. We are a team of people who are constantly trying to find a sponsor for the major surgeries of our children at the orphanage. The children at the orphanage live a happy life until any of their friends get admitted to the hospital and never come back due to the expensive medical facilities and surgery assessments.

We teach life lessons to these kids, entertain them and always try to maintain a grin on their lips. But these kids are unaware of the incidents in their life. They don’t know their life is captured in the wallets and bank accounts. Nonetheless, we always support these kids.

A few days back, a little innocent girl of age seven years was detected to be suffering from a tumor in the brain. She was in the hospital lying on the border of life, where every then and now death was throwing hooks to grab her to their side. Meanwhile, we were wandering to different NGOs in search of funds.

After a lot of harassing days of struggle, while we came back to our office, we saw some people sitting in the lobby. They were the angels from ccopac. They had visited our office to donate some funds, which they had collected. Earlier they had visited to sponsor the surgery of that one girl, but today we count many other surgeries done with the help of serving humanity trust.

God sent his angels to save me: Frederick Gray

Hi, my name is Frederick Gray, a forty-three years poor laborer, who hardly manages to earn food for the family. My kids don’t have a mother. They are very good at studies but it was getting very tuff for me to manage their educational expenses. I asked both my kids to drop their studies.

It was a Monday afternoon when I was coming back to my home after getting a half day wage. The sun was over my head and the wind had resigned. The sweat was enjoying the independence while the eyes were burning. I tried showing them to the sun, but the sun was prominent. I skipped everything and started moving forward. I would have just taken three steps on the road and the road found me falling on it.

My eyes opened at the hospital. I saw a bunch of people surrounding me. They were the angels of God. They were the people from ccopac. I was suffering from an acute disease; those angels from the ccopac foundation sponsored my surgery. This was not the end of their eminence, while they took me to my home, they saw my kids. They admitted my kids to the school and today they are paying for the expenses of my children.

No human could do this. Only God can. Ccopac is the place where the God’s angels have resided. I have faith in them, you too must have the same.